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What Retreats Unlimited is all About

Retreats unlimitedWhile on a wellness escape with Retreats Unlimited, you enjoy the gentle sound of lapping waves quiets your mind as you take a deep breath and inhale the scent of neroli in the air. Wrapped in your robe on the  private balcony of your five-star resort, you stare at an impossibly blue green ocean that goes on for miles. Taking that first sip of your morning espresso, all the tension and stress of the real world is miles away. You’re in paradise…and you’re ready to be transformed.

There are many retreats out there, but none that bring together top-notch instructors, unique destinations and experiences, luxury accommodations, and an unparalleled level of service like Retreats Unlimited.

Retreats Unlimited is a full-service luxury retreat company offering yoga, fitness, self-improvement, boot camp and wellness vacations. Our company is led by a hand-picked team with over two decades of experience in the luxury travel and wellness travel space. Whether your desire is to unleash your inner Yogi, transform your life, jump-start your fitness routine or simply to try something different, we have a retreat for you.

Come as you are – fit or ready to get fit, young or old, as a couple, with friends or alone.

Swim with turtles; paddle with the whales, scale that mountain or simply watch sunsets that will take your breath away…

If you’re tired of luxury vacations that are long on in-the-moment relaxation and niceties, and short on lasting impact, it’s time for a luxury trip that has the power to transform the rest of your life. A Retreats Unlimited luxury retreat isn’t about making memories, it’s about living the experience everyday moving forward, which we think beats a rug from Morocco or a totem pole from Alaska any day of the week!

So dig in, get clear about your intentions and join us for an once-in-a-lifetime experience – something for you…and only you.


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