Inspirations: Our Retreat Offerings

Retreats UnlimitedAre you feeling inspired to change your life?

Are you feeling inspired to change your relationship; or perhaps to work on yourself or simply to make your friendships a priority?

Consider a retreat and stop for a minute to breathe. Stop for a minute and learn to surf, to scuba dive, to eat clean, to work your body in a different way, to reconnect. Be inspired to see amazing creatures, be one with nature, feel the sun on your face….

Retreats Unlimited offers a variety of inspiring getaways to destinations that give you the space to think, to make yourself a priority, to make your relationships and your body a priority.

So join us, get re-energized, get a new outlook and start living the life you want to live.

Fitness Retreats
Wellness Retreats
Experiential Retreats

Fitness Retreats

Strong is the new sexy. No more excuses. Are you struggling with a fitness routine that you can work into your everyday life and stick to? Do you change from one thing to the next lacking any focus when it comes to your own fitness regimen? Join a retreat and learn the secrets of some of the most well-known fitness instructors in the country. Understand their journey and learn their techniques, their nutritional habits and how they make their workouts a priority. Experience fitness in a whole new way that is fun, easy to incorporate into your life and makes you feel amazing.

Wellness Retreats

While stressful travel frequently leads to bodily stress through poor sleeping, unhealthy eating and a disruption of standard fitness routines, wellness travel melts away the stresses of everyday life by instilling healthy living habits and rejuvenating the body, all through authentic and connective experiences.Whether you wish to take a wellness retreat designed specifically to acquire a state of physical, mental or social well-being through mind-body exercise, or you simply desire to maintain the balance in your physical health while participating in exciting activities on your vacation, wellness retreats instills a proactive mindset in relation to personal health and inspire positive changes that you will carry with you well after you return home from a Retreats Unlimited experience!

Experiential Retreats

Are you ready to really make a change in your life?Have you ever dreamt of being a published author? Have you every thought about learning how to really cook and create culinary feasts from different regions in the country? Have you ever thought about owning your own business?Learn the tricks of the trade from published authors, notable chefs and successful business people and develop skills that can set you on a completely different path in life. Travel with people that have your best interests at heart and really get to know them and let them share with you their success stories in a fascinating city or a place we like to call paradise.
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