Recommit to You with Heather Hayward

Presented by Unplug Meditation


DATES: April 22-25, 2018

Enchantment Resort ~ Sedona, AZ 


$3,180 Double occupancy (shared room per person)

$3,750 Single occupancy

Are you overthinking? Are you overdoing? Are you overgiving? AND, are you OVER IT?

If so, Heather Hayward will help you log into your spirit and bookmark your needs.

You will PAUSE, you’ll catch your breath, clarify your focus and recommit to YOU!

An imaginative twist using guided imagery meditation to be able to “take stock” and soulfully examine one’s life direction. Creatively and playfully engage the power of your subconscious mind and feel reinvigorated and aligned with what you value and care about most.

Over 30 years in private practice and booked over a year in advance for individual results coaching, this is a unique opportunity for an exclusive group of women to experience a meaningful check in with themselves.

Heather has crafted her unique guided imagery meditations so participants walk away with a personal revelation. These active meditations demand that your inner self step up to the plate and reveal your truth; your path.

This is for you if:

  • Your mantras are: “Don’t worry, I got it!” “Crap, why did I say yes?” “Sorry, I am so busy, I must have missed that email.”
  • There are a number of books next to your bed (you haven’t finished)
  • You constantly listen to Podcasts but rarely implement the information
  • You’re busier than you’ve ever been and more behind than you want to admit
  • You spend money quickly for business and others but grapple and ultimately postpone using funds for JUST taking time off
  • You surf social media and text while talking with friends but wouldn’t think of doing that with customers/clients, at least not yet.
  • You don’t want to listen to another “motivational speaker”, you want to learn how to be motivated and INSPIRED!

Recommit to You with Heather Hayward!

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Your host:
Heather Hayward

As an Immersive Experience Leader, Heather Hayward helps her clients and students connect with their inner truth and obliterate self-doubt so they can soar beyond the suffocating, “wedged-in” life experiences.

Her specialty is guiding you from confusion to clarity with an emphasis on finding your Still Small Voice.

By integrating hypnosis and guided imagery meditation into coaching, seemingly “stuck” clients can gain access to their internal switches for change so they can find the confidence, clarity, and calmness to make decisions.

Ladies Only Retreat Includes:

  • Three night – four day luxury accommodations at stunning Enchantment Resort
  • 3 private nightly dinners 
  • All taxes and gratuities 
  • Each participant will receive a Retreat Unlimited Swag Bag


$3,180 Double occupancy (shared accommodation/ per person)

$3,750 Single accommodation

Day 1 

6:30 – 8:00 pm – Welcome Dinner:

  • Heather discusses the symptoms of BEING OVER IT
  • Tools to catch your “yes” from slipping out of your mouth
  • Using the body to redirect worried, anxious thinking
  • Inner dialogue that strengthens self-care
  • Quick meditations that are active, no need to close your eyes
  • Working peoples, on the spot, meditative practices to stay calm


Day 2

8 – 9 am – Breakfast

9 – 11 am – Create Your Inner Sanctuary

11:15 – 12 pm – Journal and Review in a Meditative State

12 – 1 pm – Lunch

1 – 5:15 pm – Freetime / Spa / Excursion

5:15 – 6 pm – Playful Guided Imagery Meditation

6 – 7:30 pm – Dinner

7:30 – 9 pm – Inward Quest: A Gentle Knock, Knock to Glimpse Who’s There 

Day 3

8 – 9 am – Breakfast

9 – 11 am – A Trek Into the Soul

11:15 – 12 pm – Breath as a Remedy

12 – 1 pm – Lunch

1 – 6 pm – Freetime / Spa / Excursion

6 – 7:30 pm – Dinner

7:30 – 9 pm – Meet Your Future Meditation, Journal and Review in a Meditative State

Day 4

8 am –  Breakfast

9 – 11 pm – Embodied Active Meditation 



Enchantment Resort ~  Sedona, AZ

Set on 70 acres of panoramic natural terrain, Enchantment Resort® stands at the doorway of secluded Boynton Canyon…surrounded by red rock formations
known for inspiring the mind, body and spirit.

 Whether you are on a Grand Canyon vacation or romantic getaway, make sure
to stop at our unique southwest resort and sip a prickly pear margarita while you enjoy breathtaking red rock views. Experience the Native American culture of this distinctive region.

Heather breaks up what’s stuck

“It’s as simple as this: Heather breaks up what’s stuck, so that you can immediately see the horizon and move forward. The light turns on, your heart opens, and your brain starts to make connections it had never made before. I am a better leader and communicator – with a deep sense of happiness – as a result of my work with her.“ 

William Anderson Founder / CEO First Beverage Group

Heather Hayward has completely transformed my life

“Heather Hayward has completely transformed my life. I have discovered my core values, found my purpose, tapped into my intuition, let go of everything that doesn’t serve me and lately I find myself constantly clicking on her meditations on the Unplug app to feel better quick. She is passionate, speaks from the heart and is real which is why she has such a mass appeal. Her classes are packed with people who are obsessed with her and you can tell she is walking the walk in life. Meditating with Heather is the greatest gift that you can ever give to yourself.“


Suze Yalof Schwartz CEO / Founder Unplug Meditation

I now have a foolproof strategy

“After a year of working with Heather Hayward, I now have a foolproof strategy for every occasion: do whatever Heather says. She has taught me how to process every situation and emotion known to man, and a few that aren’t, in a manner counter to the one I was using before: cope, blow up, break down, rinse, repeat. The main thing I have to contend with now is how to live without constant stress and anxiety. No surprise, she has a strategy for that, too.”

Barbara Hall, Television Writer/Producer

I always looked forward to seeing her

“Heather Hayward is a gifted and insightful healer. She is caring, compassionate and loving, yet firm and professional in her approach toward emotional or situational problems. Her hypnotherapy technique is gentle yet profound in its results. I always looked forward to seeing her and felt very helped after every session. She is like a calming oasis in the storm.”

Dr. Howard Leibowitz, MD. FACEP


Fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Imaginative, sophisticated menus. Award-winning wine lists. And views destined to take your breath away.

Adventure & Excursions


From sunrise to sunset (and even once the stars arrive), there’s an endless stream of activities for every age and virtually every interest. Whether you prefer  hitting the links or the trails, nurturing your artistic side or sculpting your body, you’ll never tire of the options. 

  • For detailed information and driving direction please click here. Sedona Airport is less than 15 minutes from Enchantment. Arrive by charter or private aircraft to the spectacular beauty of Sedona. Sedona Airport can accommodate single engine to large business jets. Dubbed the country's 'Most Beautiful Airport” it is located on a mesa 500 feet above the center of the city.
  • Deposit Policies: To reserve your spot a non-refundable deposit required of $500.00 per person, balance must be paid in full by March 22, 2018
  • Cancellation policies: Any reservation must be cancelled by March 22, 2018 to avoid penalties, non-refundable deposit of $500.00 will not be returned. 
  • Payment plans are available if needed, please contact us. 
  • Have any questions? Please contact us directly at Dates are subject to change.

* This retreat does not include round-trip airfare, incidentals such as souvenirs, additional tours not part of the itinerary, and spa treatments. It is highly encouraged to purchase travel insurance. 

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