Fitness holidays are chosen by vacationers whose goals are to return home slimmer, trimmer, and toned, or to become healthier, lose weight or to keep in shape with lots of challenging activities.

Sometimes people take fitness vacations because they don’t care for such pursuits as trudging through museums and art galleries or wandering around in markets. Sightseeing or lying around on the beach and consuming lots of exotic food and drink aren’t for everyone. Fitness holidays are a nice alternative and are becoming increasingly popular.

There are Many Types of Fitness Holidays Available

Engaging in aerobic exercises at the crack of dawn and continuing the day by weightlifting, dieting and doing workouts while someone waves a tape measure at you and points threateningly to the scales may not sound like a lot of fun to most people. However, it is exactly what a gym rat or fitness freak loves and is tempting to anyone who wants to kick-start a weight loss program.

For lesser mortals, it is a good idea to think carefully about what you are seeking in a fitness vacation and make sure you match up your goals with the goals of the fitness retreat or camp that you choose. Here are some possibilities:

Boot Camp Vacations

  • Boot camps are often tough, but they aren’t really military camps in spite of the name and there are no penalties for not showing up in shape or not being able to keep up with other participants.
  • Most of these retreats and camps vary in intensity and so you should try and choose one near your fitness level that will also challenge you.
  • Expect to be assessed at the start and given your own goals and a personal program, and maybe even a personal trainer.

Fitness Vacations

Fitness retreats often bill themselves as “fit-cations” and are less intense than boot camp retreats. Expect a steady diet of workouts and weight lifting and lots of challenging sports activities such as paddle boarding, hiking, surfing, kayaking and so on.

Yoga Vacations

Yoga retreats work on the whole person using yoga postures and breathing techniques as well as meditation. Lots of fitness activities will be available, such as paddle boarding, hiking, and water sports, too.

Weight Loss Vacations

Weight loss retreats do more than offer special foods and diet and counseling advice; expect lots of activities to get you moving with aerobic exercise or dancing classes or weightlifting or all three. The scales and tape measures will be front and center and used to motivate you.

Sports Vacations

These types of vacations often feature a particular sport but often allow for participation in other sports as well. For example, you can easily find:

  • Skiing vacations
  • Water sport vacations such as paddle boarding, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing and so on
  • Hiking or mountain climbing vacations
  • Biking vacations

All These Fitness Holidays or Retreats Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Fitness holidays feature meals designed to accomplish the particular goals of the retreat, which may be to help you lose weight, or to build muscle and bulk-up, or to nourish the body to boost the immune system and encourage the elimination of toxins. Nutritional counseling will be included and there may be lessons on meal planning and preparation, as well.

A fitness vacation may be the trigger you need to turn your life around. When you are on your own, it is difficult to motivate yourself to eat well, challenge yourself to push harder when exercising, or to bother with any of it. The beauty and attraction of a fitness holiday is that you are not alone. You are surrounding by like-minded people with the same challenges, which inspires all of you to meet your own particular goals. You’ll end your vacation feeling good about yourself.

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